Kentucky Economic Incentive Calculator

If your business is seeking to locate within Kentucky, then it may be eligible for certain economic incentives. Under the Kentucky Business Investement Program, eligible companies looking to establish in Kentucky or expand current operations may be granted state income tax credits or credits against its state payroll tax.

Companies eligible for KBI benefits must be engaged in the following activites:

  • Manufacturing
  • Agriculture
  • Regional and National headquarters
  • Non-retail service or technology operations which must be:
    • designed to serve a multi-state, national, or international market;
    • Provided to a customer base that includes more than 50% non-Kentucky residents; or
    • Call centers, centralized administrative or processing centers, telephone or internet sales order or processing centers, distribution or fulfillment centers, data processing centers, research and development facilities or similar activities.

The minimum requirements for eligible projects include:

  • Create a minimum of ten full time jobs for Kentucky residents;
  • Incur eligible costs of at least $100,000;
  • Meet wage minimums of:
    1. for enhanced counties, 90% of new jobs must recieve hourly wages of at least $9.06 (125% of federal minimum wage) or
    2. for non-enhanced counties, 90% of new jobs must recieve hourly wages of at least $10.88 (180% of the federal minimum wage)
    3. meet employee benefit minimum requirements.

To determine your project's possible economic incentive package,
try our Kentucky Economic Incentive Calculator.